North-West Community Sports Hub

Over the last 3 months we have been part of a working group to set up a sports and community hub with sports clubs and organizations in the North West of Christchurch.

Currently in the hub there are 7 founding member clubs consisting of approximately 2200 members. All founding members identify that there is a lack of development of facilities in this area of Christchurch. As a club we are consistently in talks with Mainland Football and the Christchurch City Council regarding the quality of our fields and sufficient fields to cater for the members of our club.

As these talks have struggled to eventuate into change, we see the community hub as an entity which will be able to effect this change and development in these areas.

Unlike most hubs that are formed which focus on building a big new indoor stadium to cater for multiple sports, this hub will be focused on the development of our current parks and facilities in our community to accommodate the increase in demand of all our clubs members and improve our community spaces.

The current founding clubs are.

● Nomads United AFC

● Papanui Bowls

● Marist Rugby

● Marist Netball


● Papanui Redwood AFC

● Merivale Papanui Rugby Union

We are now at the stage of forming a board for this community hub. This Board will consist of 8 people. There is 1 placement for the YMCA, there will be 4 appointed and 3 elected board members.

As a working group we need to ensure we get the right people elected and appointed to this board. We need to find 'doers', people who are committed to make things happen. we don't want 'talkers'.

I have included the vision, constitution and job advert for board members. Please have a read through and if this sounds like you, and it is something you want to be a part of in this community, then please contact me, or if you know someone who would be ideal for the role to assist in improving the facilities in the community then please shoulder tap them and have them get in contact with me.

Community hubs can be a great vehicle to get improved facilities within the community, which done right, will be of great benefit for all.

Many Thanks

Rene Bovendeerd

President, Nomads United AFC


Looking for Volunteer Board Members 

Location: (Norwest Christchurch)
Duration: 3-5 years minimum
Skills:  Any one of …sport and recreation management,
events, programmes, activities, norwest Christchurch community knowledge, facilities/project management, sport club governance/administration, youth leadership, coaching, promotion, financial and business
Applications: Send CV / email to: Peter Burley
Applications Close Friday 25th March, 5 pm 2022

Draft Hub Constitution: click here.
Hub Vision: click here.