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NorWest Sports & Community Hub

Nomads United have been part of a working group to set up a sports and community hub with sports clubs and organizations in the North West of Christchurch.  Currently in the hub there are 7 founding member clubs consisting of approximately 2200 members. All founding members identify that there is a lack of development of facilities in this area of Christchurch. Unlike most hubs that are formed which focus on building a big new indoor stadium to cater for multiple sports, this hub will be focused on the development of our current parks and facilities in our community to accommodate the increase in demand of all our clubs members and improve our community spaces for everyone to enjoy.

The current founding clubs are:

● Nomads United AFC

● Bowls Papanui

● Marist Albion Rugby

● Marist Albion Netball 

● Papanui Redwood AFC

● Merivale Papanui Rugby Union

● Christchurch YMCA (Trust)

Since our establishment in May 2022 the Hub has recruited an additional 3 Board members, secured a set up grant from the Christchurch City Council and launched its website ( as well as being granted not-for-profit status from the Inland Revenue.

Community hubs can be a great vehicle to get improved facilities within the community, which done right, will be of great benefit for all. So if you see a need in your community, have a great idea on something that can enhance your community or have some funds you would like to invest in your local community, please get in touch with the NorWest Hub!

More information can also be accessed here.

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