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Nomads United AFC Registrations for the 2023 season are now closed. 

For any late registrations please contact:
2023 Registrations Now Open .png



​All players will need to have their MyComet login details to register including username and password.  You will have used these to register in 2022. You can check this out anytime using the following link - click here.

Please read all the points below before signing in to MyComet to register.

Refer to the youth and juniors/seniors tabs on our website for more information on each product before you purchase your Nomads membership subscription for 2023.​

  1. Comet is the New Zealand Football registration system for all football clubs in New Zealand.

  2. There are three different scenarios that can apply: 


  • If you have not played football before, you need to click 'Sign Up' on the link below to register as a new user. Please remember to put the player's contact details and best contact email address in when you register. 


  • If you have played for another club previously you will need to ensure you have paid your fees and returned your gear. If you owe gear or fees to your previous club you will not be able to register with us and will need to sort this out with your previous club so they can release you. Once clear you will be able to register with Nomads for 2023 and follow the links below.  ​

  • You played for Nomads last year and wish to register for 2023.  You will need your username or number issued to you by NZ Football last year. If you do not know your MyCOMET login details,  please click on the following link: 
    If you are unable to access your log-in please email with the player's full name and date of birth and we will endeavor to get back to you as soon as possible, however due to the large number of members we have, we cannot guarantee how quickly we can respond.


​3.    Once you have your username and password, you can register here.

4.    If you have problems registering please follow the steps below.

5.    Once logged into MyComet, you will see a menu on the left hand side of your screen.

6.    Select REGISTER.

7.    Under 'Choose Seller' start typing Nomads United AFC – this may be pre-populated or you may need to select            this.

8.    Under the list of products you will be able to see details for each item by selecting the BLUE icon on the right            hand side of your screen.

9.    Select the item you wish to purchase and click the GREEN PLUS button to add this to your cart.

10.  Refer to the bottom of the page to see the items you have purchased in your cart. This is the only place you can        see your cart.

11.  You can only purchase a registration for grade that relates to your birth year, otherwise an error will occur.

12.  We always need coaches! If you would like to be a Coach please register yourself as a new player and select              the FREE coach option, OR if you are currently a player at any club you can purchase the free coach Item at                Nomads and be registered at both clubs.

13.  Push the green PROCEED TO CHECKOUT button which will summarize the items you have selected.

14.  Click the BLUE FINISH button which will give you the option to PAY NOW either by Credit Card or online                        EFTPOS. There is no option to pay later.

15.  If you have not registered and paid for the 2023 season by the registration cutoff date you will not be guaranteed a placement in a team. 

16.  Please check and update your personal details, we communicate via e-mail and it is essential your details are          correct.

17.  If you cannot register or are having problems please contact us between 9am and 4pm Monday to Friday or               email



The Scorching Goal Football Fund has been established to assist children and youth attending primary or secondary school, aged between 5 years and 18 years who are from financially disadvantaged families or backgrounds, and where finance is a barrier to participation, either at club level, across development programmes or at representative level.

This is not a fund established to specifically support talented players but is rather about providing children and youth with the opportunity to continue to participate in football.

Please click here for more information on the Mainland Football website.

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