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Team Photos 2023

First Kicks/Fun Football Team Photos

Team photos for First Kicks and Fun Football will take place over two Saturdays: 13th of May and 20th of May 2023. A schedule can be found here.

 Junior/Youth Team Photos

Team photos will take place on Sunday 21st of May 2023.

A schedule for all teams can be found here.


Insets for players/coaches absent from team photos

Insets should be emailed to along with the players correct spelling and the team name. Insets must be received by Sunday 28th May, insets received after that may be added but this will be at the photographer's discretion*.

(We typically expect people supplying an inset may want to order a photo, which they can do for $22 up until the 28th May.
After 29th May please enquire as to the cost and process)

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