We are all going through some unprecedented times and no more than your community football club. 

With everyone's help we can all get behind the future of the club by becoming a member of the Nomads United AFC Supporters Club.

Anyone can become a supporter, you don't have to be a player. You can be a Mum or Dad, Granddad or Grandma, cousin or friend. You can be anyone who is a friend of Nomads that wants to show their support of the club.

By becoming a supporter you will receive a Nomads Vest and Beanie to wear around the club and community with pride. On top of that you will also receive Nomads Supporters Club Match Day bar specials and entry in game day raffle draws. These are only available to members of the supporters club and we will have some awesome prizes to be won.

You also become an official member of Nomads United AFC, allowing you voting rights at the clubs AGM to help shape the future of the club and how it best serves the community.

To join up, purchase your membership on our club shop. Membership costs only $50 for the 2021 season. You can purchase a supporters club membership through our club shop. 

Our Sponsors

Please email or call 027 359 5795 and you'll be pointed in the right direction. 

Physical Address: Tulett Park, 99 Claridge's Road, Harewood, Christchurch, 8051

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