The Scorching Goal Football Fund has been established to assist children and youth attending primary or secondary school, aged between 5 years and 18 years who are from financially disadvantaged families or backgrounds, and where finance is a barrier to participation, either at club level, across development programmes or at representative level.

This is not a fund established to specifically support talented players but is rather about providing children and youth with the opportunity to continue to participate in football.

Each year Mainland Football will endeavour to run a specific fundraiser and will continue to seek other donations to ensure it does not exhaust its start-up fund equity.

We understand;

  • That football talent exists across our Federation and we want to ensure opportunities are provided to players who otherwise may miss out.

  • The need for kids to “fall in love” with football and not to be denied opportunities to do so through no fault of their own.

  • The health and well-being advantages of having thousands of healthy active football kids.                                 

 The opportunities provided through direct funding may assist with the following;

  • Club fees

  • Club uniforms or players gear

  • Representative Tournament Fees incl. Futsal or South Island or National Age Group Tournaments

  • Federation Talent Centre or National Talent Centre fees


  1. To enable more children and youth to participate in football through reducing financial barriers.

  2. To build a sustainable long-term football fund that supports thousands of Federations players for many years to come.

To download a Scorching Goal Application Form CLICK HERE 

To download the Scorching Goal Brochure CLICK HERE 

The criteria for a Scorching Goal Football Fund Grant includes the following:

  1. Children and youth must be aged between 5 and 18 years old at the time of application. The applicant’s immediate parents/caregiver are unable to support the applicant by meeting necessary related costs to enable participation in football activity.

  2. The applicant must attend be attending primary or secondary education and must be registered or intending to register at an affiliated Mainland Football club.

  3. The completed application is genuinely in aid of assisting participation in football which would not otherwise take place.

  4. Given the number of applications received, it is advisable that, applications submitted which provide evidence of financial hardship will stand a greater chance of being accepted. This may be by way of supporting documentation.

Applicants may apply for assistance for the following;

  • Football club fees for grades min football and higher and either

  • Club uniforms or players gear; or

  • Representative tournament fees; or

  • Federation Talent centre/programme fees; or

  • Futsal Nationals: ASB Junior Festival and Youth Champs only

Applications for Club fees will be considered separately from Club gear, Tournament or Programme applications although you may apply on the same form, at the same time.

Applicants may apply for assistance with one of the following; Club gear OR Federation programmes (eg FTC) OR Tournament fees OR Futsal Nationals in any one calendar year.

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