Girls, Youth and Womens

Girls have the ability to continue playing with the boys in mixed teams or to play in an ALL girls team.

Girls wishing to play in mixed teams have the option of attending open trainings/trials for their age group or one below, eg a player with date of birth 2011 could play 10th grade or 9th Grade mixed football.

We have girls only teams in the 10th grade, 12th grade enad 14th grade Mainland League.

Nomads PLUS+

Girls who are 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 years have the option of attending our Nomads PLUS + Programme (mixed) which can be purchased through our online shop.

This consists of an extra training session each week and runs throughout the year from February-November.

Open Training/Trials 2020

Please refer to the applicable grades under the Junior and Youth tab for dates/times for open trainings/trials for mixed teams.

If you wish to play in a GIRLS ONLY team please see our trial dates below.

Girls only Trials

4-5pm      Thursday 13th February          9 and 10th Grade

4-5pm      Friday 21st February                9 and 10th Grade


Thursday 13th Feburary  11 and 12th Grade


Friday 21st February                11 and 12th Grade


Thursday 13th Feburary          13th - 18th Grade


Friday 21st February                13th - 18th Grade

If you wish to play in an all girls team please register your interest to Rose on


Nomads United AFC U11 Girl's team 2019

Canterbury Women Championship League (CWCL)


We offer a women's team for ages 15 years and over competing in the Canterbury Womens Championship League.

We have a great team of young women who played in this league in 2019 and we welcome new players to our Club as well.

Registrations are open for the 2020 season are open now!

Please contact our Womens Convenor if you would like any more information on