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If you think someone from within the Club has behaved in a way that is unsafe, unprofessional, unfair, discriminatory, offensive or intimidating you can make a complaint.

NUAFC will ensure allegations are responded to promptly and all parties will be treated fairly and in line with natural justice.

Values and principles
You have the right to complain: we take complaints seriously. You should not be harassed, bullied or put at a disadvantage because of making a complaint.

Equality: you should receive a proper response to your complaint, regardless of your age, gender, disability/ability, race, religion, nationality, social status or sexual orientation.

Fairness: we believe that complaints should be dealt with fairly and openly. Unless it would put other people at risk, those affected by a complaint should have a chance to contribute and respond to any investigation.

Safety and welfare take priority: we will always give priority to concerns that affect safety and welfare. All issues will be treated very seriously.

Confidentiality: we treat complaints as confidentially as possible.
Sometimes we have to discuss complaints with other organizations. If we are worried about a risk to a person or to the public, we might need to pass on our concerns to the right authorities.

Informal Resolution
NUAFC encourages anyone with a complaint to first approach the individual involved in an effort to resolve the issue informally. We find that most issues can be resolved in this manner.

For more serious issues, if the complainant is uncomfortable confronting the issue or if the behaviour continues then the complaint should be reported to the Club Administrator. The administrator may directly intervene on the complainant’s behalf or assign a committee member or club representative to do so. This may result in issues being resolved, or informal mediation or reconciliation may be suggested as an option.

Mediation should treat the complaint not as an offence but as a breakdown in a relationship. The aim of mediation is not to establish whether the harassment allegations are true, to apportion blame, or to supply justice for a wronged person. Rather, mediation focuses on repairing the relationship, especially on forging an agreement between the parties over how they will act towards each other in the future.

Formal Resolution
If the compliant is of a serious nature or informal resolution is not deemed appropriate or has failed then a formal resolution may be required.

A formal complaint needs to be expressed in writing. It must include all details necessary to facilitate investigation of the matter. It must identify the individuals involved, the specifics of the incidents that gave rise to the complaint and the outcome the complainant is seeking. 


Upon receiving a formal complaint NUAFC will proceed as follows:

  • The Club Administrator or another NUAFC representative from the relevant subcommittee will be assigned to look into the matter.

  • All efforts will be made to ensure the complaint is dealt with as expeditiously as possible.

  • The complaint will be acknowledged in writing.

  • If further information is required from the complainant a request will be made.

  • The subject of the complaint will be contacted, informed of the process, be given a copy of the complaint and be asked to respond.

  • At his / her discretion the NUAFC representative may contact other relevant persons to obtain more information.

  • NUAFC will not share information if we think that this will endanger someone’s safety or welfare.

  • The NUAFC representative will share the complaint with the relevant subcommittee and they will decide what action, if any, is to be taken in dealing with the subject of the complaint or the complainant.

  • All parties involved in the investigations will be advised that the complaint is to be treated in strict confidence.

  • Any decision regarding the complaint will be communicated to all affected parties.

Possible outcomes of a complaint

  • A change in arrangements for particular activities

  • An explanation or apology

  • An agreement to communicate or act differently in future

  • A follow up on any changes made as a result of the complaint

  • Undertaking by the subject of the compliant to take positive steps to ensure the behaviour does not recur

  • Removal of the subject of the complaint from his/ her role

  • Cancellation of membership

Criminal offences
NUAFC has no jurisdiction over criminal offences and such offences should be reported to the police.
NUAFC should also be made aware of any such offences so that the club can take any action it can to ensure the ongoing safety of its members.

League, fixture or rule interpretation complaints
Mainland Football overseas the structure, sets fixtures and is the local body of NZ Football. If you wish to make a complaint regarding league set up, grading or fixtures you will need to do so in writing to NUAFC. NUAFC will raise it on your behalf.

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